Blogging off this summer

July 29, 2011 · Tara Bernerd

It’s official; I have decided we are taking a summer holiday! I could attempt to justify this extravagance however suffice to say I’ll be back later in August with, I expect, a ton to share and of course re energised.

I am off sailing, on a beautiful gullet named Cobra King and with a few friends following on their various boats, an Armada of us will be travelling around Göcek.

It feels only right to also share that Lucien (who for those that don’t know, heads marketing here and is my wing commander) is making that big step, the greatest of commitments and getting married next week, 5th August; so wishing both him and Robert the Happiest day and of course life together. I am a total romantic at heart and have to say am so thrilled for them both.

House Hotel Meeting Room Bosphorus


Autoban Gallery 1

Mozaik 1

Grand Bazaar Istanbul

From my side I have been tying up a few loose ends, as said the “Autumn Term” promises to be busy, keeping me London based with a few trips already lined up back to New York, Miami and a quickie over to Paris.

It’s been a productive week all in all, I met with Zeynep Fadillioglu, we had a particularly great lunch sitting at Mia Mensa on the Bosphorus with an enormous amount to share – Zeynep is a very talented designer, whose body of work is endless and rightly revered.

I finally managed to have a cushion moment! Getting myself to the design legend Rifat Ozbek’s cool, colourful and slick store, he does ethnic chic in a modern fresh manner and as I left with bags of my minty green choices I also have to applaud my friend Robin Birley for the vision of asking Rifat to design the much talked about, coming soon, Rupert’s. It promises to be the destination of destinations and I have no doubt will become a London landmark. However for now, perhaps a trip to 8 Holland St for a few cushions may do the trick.

Yastik by Rifat Ozbek

The JET Table by Guilherme Torres


Cobra-King interior

This week started with the Team all arriving, as they flew out to Istanbul to visit me and spend three days working. We had great workshops on all our live projects and also time to then focus for the future, we have a few ideas up our sleeves and are all flat out with renewed enthusiasm, thus changes that we believe will mature us, our work and our projects. More to come on this in September.

Our base; the boardroom we used was situated in the latest House Hotel and it was quite incredible to be seated with only views of the Bosphorus surrounding us. Corny as it sounds I do believe it gave an unexpected and added creative kick to all our systems.

Of course we mixed the trip up; a little culture, days brainstorming and eating out and about, from dinner at Sunset, to the Topkapi Palace, Zuma, the covered bazaar, a visit to Autoban’s slick showrooms, then to the familiar cool of Mosaik. I hear a sneaky visit to Angelique was also slipped in; it was a packed few days, plus a great experience. Having heard so often such positive feedback from those that travel with their teams, the “bonding” experience always left me a little cringey; yet I freely admit the week we shared working out of the office together was invaluable.

Anjelique 2


Sevan 2

Yastik by Rifat Ozbek 2

Then I couldn’t help myself and admit defeat! It was a calling of a kind and I was drawn into Sevan Bicakci’s magical store. He is a new addition to the world of jewels and frankly a master in his craft. Unfortunately I have fallen hopelessly for one particular sparkle, we’ll see.

Talking sparkles on a more design note have had to include a flash of yellow and share with you the latest saucy table by Guilherme Torres.

Now with another week gone! It’s time to blog off, I am sure I’ll have a few withdrawals and the desire to chatter away to you so with pen and paper, my new best friend the iPad and of course Mr M, I am now out of here for a couple of weeks and then watch out for the return blog here as usual on the blog and my Facebook page Special thanks to Robert for sparing Lucien and Charlie and his angels!

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